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The integrative medicine curriculum at UTMB Health was developed systematically and structured around standard curricular elements. Our tools are here for you to use, including curricular documents, our courses, web cases, and a selection of our lectures and other resources.

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We offer a large curated collection of resources, including links, databases, articles, and lectures. We also periodically review books on integrative-related topics.

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  • Book Review: Integrative Nursing

    Sep 02, 2014

    Integrative Nursing Book CoverIntegrative Nursing
    by Mary Jo Kreitzer and Mary Koithan, 
    Oxford University Press, 2014 [ISBN 9788-0-19-986073-9]

    Book Review by Victor S. Sierpina, MD

    This title is a welcome addition to the nearly dozen books editor Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine Library published by Oxford University Press. 

    Perhaps the significance of this excellent work is best illustrated by citing some key lines. The first chapter, Concepts and Principles of Integrative Nursing opens as follows:  “From its very beginnings, nursing has been an integrative healing discipline. Florence Nightingale recognized the integral nature of the person-environment system, urging nurses to assist in the reparative processes of nature by ‘putting the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him’….Throughout time, nursing theorists have embraced the complex, holistic nature of the human being, stating that the focus of nursing is on the totality of the human response to potential or actual health problems.” 

    These ideas reflect the foundation of integrative nursing practice that is deeply explored in this landmark work.

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Lecture Series and Events

Dr. David M. Eisenberg presented ​Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives

We strive to bring quality, thought-provoking speakers to UTMB Health to lead discussions and present their ideas on integrative medicine-related topics. 

These events are only possible through the generous support of endowments such as the Charles H. and Mary Campbell Integrative Medicine Fund, as well as the Nicholson W.D. & Laura Nell Nicholson Family Chair in Integrative Medicine.

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